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Rivets Supplier

Rivets are a common fastener used to connect and secure two or more workpieces. It is usually made of metal, including a rivet body and a rivet cap two parts. The body of the rivet is a slender cylindrical metal rod with a thread on one end and a flat end on the other. The rivet cap is a round or hemispherical metal cap that fits in with the rivet body. The use of rivet is to insert the threaded part of the rivet body into the workpiece hole to be connected, and then use a spanner or spanner to rotate the rivet cap so that it is tightly integrated with the rivet body. In the process of rotation, the flat end of the rivet body expands and fills the workpiece hole, forming a strong connection. The advantage of rivets is that they can provide high shear strength and vibration resistance during the connection process. They are widely used in aerospace, automotive manufacturing, construction, machinery manufacturing and other fields for connecting metal workpieces, sheets and structural parts. The choice of rivets should be determined according to the specific application needs, including the material, length, diameter, etc. The correct selection and use of rivets can ensure the fastness and reliability of the connection, thereby improving the quality and safety of the product.