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See how "small screws" become big business?

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Update time : 2024-02-20 08:53:23

Represented by screws and nuts, the ubiquitous fasteners are called "industrial rice". As a traditional pillar industry in Yongnian District of Handan, fasteners have an annual output value of more than 42 billion yuan. Series of reports "With" special "to win", today we will walk into Yongnian, the "fastener capital of China", to see how "small screws" can be made into a big industry?

The person who is making a video call with the experts of Beijing Yanqi Lake Basic Manufacturing Technology Research Institute is Zhao Yubo, general manager of Handan Feida Standard Parts Factory, because the new internal expansion screw they jointly developed will apply for a patent, and the product will fill the market gap.

Zhao Yubo, General manager of Handan Feida Standard Parts Factory:

The experts in Beijing have provided us with a lot of technical help from appearance design, mold making to equipment debugging, etc., and the reason why we can connect with the experts is also thanks to the matchmaking of the fastener industry development service center in the district.

The "matchmaking" said by Manager Zhao originates from the special research and visit organized by Yongnian Fastener Industry development Service Center for enterprise transformation and development.

Liu Yang, Deputy Director of Fastener Industry Development Service Center, Yongnian District, Handan:

During our research and visit, we found that enterprises have the need for transformation and upgrading, so the breakthrough is the research and development of high-end products, but it is difficult to complete by the enterprise's own strength. We were docking with Yanqi Lake Basic Manufacturing Research Institute of the General Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Mechanical Sciences, which is the highest level of central enterprises in the field of fasteners, after our communication, the experts of the institute agreed.

With the help of Yanqi Lake Basic Manufacturing Research Institute, in only three months, Feida standard parts factory turned drawings into products. However, the technical problems that the Yongnian fastener industry needs to break through are not solved by a Yanqi Lake Basic Manufacturing Research Institute.

Liu Yang, Deputy Director of Fastener Industry Development Service Center, Yongnian District, Handan:

We decided to continue to use the power of the external brain to build a rapid docking channel between the production end and the scientific research end to help more enterprises solve problems.

In January 2023, Yongnian District first signed a cooperation agreement with Yanqi Lake Basic Manufacturing Research Institute, and then cooperated with Hebei University of Engineering, Hebei University of Technology and other colleges and universities to establish Hebei Fastener Industry Technology Research Institute and Hebei Fastener product quality supervision and inspection Center to provide technical services such as key technology research and development, inspection and testing for enterprises. The fields involved in new products have gradually expanded to high-end industries such as ships, nuclear power and wind power, and the number of state-level high-tech enterprises has also increased to 76. However, good products did not immediately bring good benefits to the Yongnian fastener industry, especially export orders, have been lukewarm.

Bai Xuekai, general manager of Hebei Xili Hardware Manufacturing Co., LTD. :

We've gone to trade shows alone before, and it didn't work out so well.

Good wine is also afraid of deep alley, in order to change people's inherent impression of Yongnian fastener low-end products, Yongnian district decided to change a model for a breakthrough.

Han Yonggang, Director of Commerce Bureau, Yongnian District, Handan City:

Before, it was a single enterprise to break into the overseas market, we decided to lead the enterprise to develop together and go to sea.

Organizing a group to go to sea sounds like a good way, but with the enterprise a communication, everyone's enthusiasm is not high.

Han Yonggang, Director of Commerce Bureau, Yongnian District, Handan City:

Only a few companies signed up at first. In order to dispel the concerns of enterprises, we invite experts to conduct free foreign trade training for export enterprises, guide enterprises to build online marketing platforms, open e-commerce, and give 100% subsidies to enterprises to participate in key overseas exhibitions, and play a series of "combined blows".

A series of "combined fists" have reassured enterprises.

In the subsequent exhibition held in Dubai, UAE and Stuttgart, Germany, more than 30 high-quality enterprises of Yongnian organized a group to participate in the exhibition, reaching more than 300 intended customers. Now the fastener products engraved with the Yongnian trademark are being sent to more than 100 countries and regions in Asia, America and Europe. Yongnian's "industrial rice" fragrance is floating overseas, and the scale effect of Yongnian fastener industry cluster is becoming increasingly prominent. In 2023, Yongnian Tight Firmware was rated as a national small and medium-sized enterprise characteristic industrial cluster.