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Why are screws always hexagonal? Do you have four corners and five corners?

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Update time : 2024-02-26 15:30:22

"100,000 Why" said: the 6-sided screw screw 60 degrees can be restored (do not know whether the expression is clear). If the space is relatively small, as long as the wrench can rotate 60 degrees, the screw can be installed, which is the product of the compromise between the screwing Angle and the side length.

Imagine: if it is a square, the side length is long enough, but the figure can be restored by twisting 90 degrees, which is not suitable for small space installation; If it is octagonal or 10-sided, the Angle of the graph reduction is small, but the side length of the force is also small, and it is easy to round; If it is a singular side length screw, then the two sides of the wrench are not parallel, very early only a fork wrench, a singular side length wrench head is a trumpet shaped opening, seems not suitable for force...

In addition, notice that the head and handle of the wrench also have an Angle. If the space is smaller, turn the wrench upside down and use it, as if only about 40 degrees of space can be screwed.

But now there are socket wrenches, box wrenches... The minimum twist Angle can be 15 degrees.


How do you think sloths screw?? !!!!!

The benefits of hexagons are known to everyone, and I would like to add that there are also non-hexagonal screws and nuts.

For example, the nut used on the inside of the member, which is stopped by the member itself, will be made into a quadrilateral, so that it is easy to use the most common right Angle of the member to fix itself.

Although there is a square, but in fact should be used with special tools, similar to some sleeve tools do not require small travel space, but will require large area, so it is not easy to slip, so that the quadrilateral will be better than the hexagon, not easy to slip. Further dissimilation leads to a gear shape.

For the need to prevent misoperation or anti-theft, there will be more bizarre bolts, such as this triangle, can only be opened with a specific tool like a lock, the general wrench can twist the square, but can not twist the triangle, inconvenient is its selling point. The inner pentagon screws on iphones serve the same purpose.